A New Play in Cuba: Adah Menken and Zenea

Bejucal, Mayabeque, Cuba_ El Grupo de Teatro Blanca Becerra de Bejucal, trabaja en el montaje de la obra La Verdadera Culpa de Juan Clemente Zenea, del dramaturgo cubano Abilio Estévez. . . .

English: Bejucal, Mayabeque, Cuba_ Theatre Group Bejucal Blanca Becerra, working on the assembly of the work the real guilt of John Clement Zenea, the Cuban playwright Abilio Estévez.

The plot is dedicated to one of the finest examples of romantic lyric poetry of our nineteenth century. His controversial figure in this work is discussed in relation to the historical, social, political and cultural development is needed so that a thorough investigation which includes the likes of Narciso López, brigand, Father Felix Varela, Jose de la Luz y Caballero among others.

As well as Adah Menken, actress, American poet and painter with whom the Creator relates very young and greatly influenced the consolidation of sensitive personality, cultured and refined Zenea.

The text also reflects the different political movements: reformism, annexation and independence, which reaches its peak with the figure of José Martí.

The company founded by the late Juan Barona and led today by Lazaro Diaz Estevez is considered one of the oldest in the country’s fans, who arrive on the 10th anniversary August 67. Last year went to the scene Bejucal the work of Anton Arrufat Repetition.
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