Black, White and Bred All Over Ah, the great iconic female sex symbols:  Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, Jean Harlow, Marlene Dietrich, Adah Issacs Menken…Wait – what?  Who?  While many today may scratch their heads at the mention of Dietrich, they would no doubt be downright dumbfounded by the moniker of Menken; yet, she was likely the most fantastic of them all – conquering not only the stage, but the literary and fashion worlds…Indeed, during her brief span on this planet – a mere 33 years (early death practically being a prerequisite for eternal goddess inauguration) – Menken (or The Menken, as she was affectionately christened), from approximately 1858 to her demise ten years later was arguably the most popular woman on Earth. . . . The Fosters have scrutinized and scoped out The Menken from stem to stern resulting in the most professionally-assembled well-constructed examination of this truly remarkable individual to date.  For aficionados of celeb bios – this is required reading; for everyone else…it’s required reading. (Thank you Mel. You are terrific!)

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